Yes, fried pork liempo can help you start losing weight

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WTF?  Fried pork liempo?  Are you serious?  YES I am, so read this now and afterwards take a look at a recipe for fried pork liempo with crispy skin

Losing weight requires decreasing the calories we consume (a good diet) and increasing the calories we burn (regular exercise).  I’ll be talking specifically about the Filipino condition.  We all eat rice as our staple food.  The viands (ulam) we have are just “additions” to the rice we eat.


It’s been said time and again, if you’re a pinoy and you want to lose weight, cut down your rice intake.  Why?  Because the amount of rice we eat is proportional to all the other stuff we eat with the rice.  If you have one cup of rice and your ulam is adobo, you place a certain amount of the oily adobo sauce on your rice right? (Because it’s so damn yummy that way!)  Once you get an additional cup of rice you have do the same thing to that new cup of rice.  And the same is true the other way around.  If you just eat half a cup of rice, you just need half the sauce.  Well that’s the basic analogy to it.  Reduce rice intake or eliminate it entirely from one meal (if you can) is a good way for pinoys to start reducing food calorie intake.


I’ve lost more than 20 pounds over several months using this method.  (Note that I also added exercise to my routine, walking at least 30 extra minutes a day), but for me the rice reduction thing has been very helpful.


Now here’s the problem. It is SO DAMN HARD for pinoys to reduce their rice intake.  How the heck do you do it?  I myself have had to wrestle with this problem over the years.  Ive tried measuring (Yeah, like really weighing the rice on a small weighing scale on the table), replacing rice with bread (which didn’t really help because both are carb sources) and using sheer willpower (which always breaks down when I see saucy adobo or mechado on the table).

The problem with just reducing or eliminating the rice is that you’ll feel so hungry afterwards.  And that just makes you over eat later and that’ll break your efforts real quick.

So what I did was to replace the removed rice with vegetables.  The veggies can make you feel full, they have far less calories and they’re a great source of fiber to boot!

  • 100 grams of rice = 129 calories
  • 100 grams of cucumbers = 16 calories
  • 100 grams of tomatoes = 16 calories

You’ll notice that in most of the TEAM IHAW stuff we always serve the meats with veggies and not with rice.  As you can image, losing weight is going to be a problem with us working with grilling yummy meat dishes if we ate rice.  But thankfully, by eating our veggies instead of rice we can maintain our weight even with our grilling and barbecuing lifestyle.


Over the years I’ve had many work related trips to Singapore.  Of course I’d always eat a lot and sample all the different types of food.  One time I was sampling the roast meats of one shop and I noticed this.


Roast Duck


Roast Pork


 Roast Chicken

All their roast rice dishes had sliced cucumber by the side.  Yes, it made sense since most of the dishes had spicy dipping sauces.  Normally I wouldn’t eat cucumbers because they were bland.  The cooling effect of eating cucumber was great with eating the spicy meat.


Remembering my experience with the cucumbers, that’s what I first did – add cucumbers and sliced tomatoes to roast or fried meat dishes with the rice.  Gradually I got used to eating the veggies and I actually got to the point where I could remove the rice entirely and just live off the veggies.  Believe me, cucumbers and tomatoes can make you feel real full if you eat enough of it.  Then later you can start adding different types of veggies like lettuce, carrots and other stuff.


So basically, what you want to be able to start with is to get used to eating cucumbers and tomatoes as starting intro to eating more veggies.  These are bland foods.  You’ll need something with a strong flavor to complement them.  And a good bet is fried pork liempo.  It’s fatty, salty and you can even season it to make it spicy.  Having all these strong flavors make it easier for you to eat (and get used to) the bland cucumbers and tomatos.  In fact you’ll probably want to eat more of the veggies in order to compensate for the saltiness and fattiness of the pork.

Take note though, that we do not recommend you eating fried pork liempo everyday.  Even with cucumbers and tomatos, eating fried pork 3 times a day 365 days of the year will probably give you a heart attack. :)   Sigh!  Please consult your doctor before embarking on a diet or exercise program.  All the facts above are the personal opinion and experience of the writer and may not apply to the condition of other people.





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