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Barbecue has a different meaning locally versus the meaning in other countries.  Luckily, proper barbecue grills with different features have lowered in price and become more accessible in the past several years in the country.

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The above is the standard pinoy grill.  This is what we normally see in street corners and in our houses being used to grill sticks of barbecue, fish, pokchops and hotdogs plus a lot more goodies.  However, we just technically grill things.  A proper barbecue grill can be used to do a lot more, like smoke or bake things.

grillcomparisonThe ideal grill should have the following features shown above.  The disadvantage is that these types of grills require a bit more space.


And yeah baby, we just bought a new kettle grill.  We’ll be using this to grill and barbecue a lot of goodies in the near future.

Aside from the grills themselves you’ll need supplies and accessories to make good use of your grill.



You’ll need some charcoal.  There are two types, briquettes that you can buy pre packages in supermarkets of department stores and our local “uling”, which is raw wood charcoal.  Briquettes burn more evenly and are easier to control.  However, they are more expensive.


You’ll also need supplies to start the fire.  There are things like EZ fire, which is like a block of wax and paper or wood that burns easily and helps start the coal burning.

There’s also the charcoal chimney – a device used to light the charcoal so that most of the surface starts burning thus making it ready for use.

A fan, which is a required piece of equipment when using the standard pinoy grill because you have to inject the air from the top of the coals.

A sprayer filled with water.  this is useful for controlling flare-ups.



You’ll need a basting brush to baste the food you’re grilling.


You’llalso need a couple of tongs.  One for handling the food and the other for handling the coals.  Take note that these are plain metal tipped tongs.  You don’t want to use full plastic tongs or tongs with plastic covered tips.


You’ll also need a fish basket.  Pretty handy when it’s time to flip the fish, or other types of grillable food products you’ll put on the grill.


Yes you do need to clean your grill.  And you’ll need a few supplies for this.


The picture above is a steel brush.  I don’t recommend using this or any other brush type cleaning tool because the steel bristle can fall off with age and it can stick to the grill and your food which might make you eat the bristles.  This is just for safety purposes because people don’t pay too much attention during cleaning.  Better safe than sorry.


These are my preferred cleaning tools.  Paintscrapers and a solid scrub pad.  This is all you need and a lot of willpower.  Sure, when you take the last piece of that large juicy pork chop off the grill and onto your plate, I’m sure there won’t be space in your mind anymore for stuff like cleaning.  but, you have to.  Leaving oily gunk on the grill is the surest way to destroy it.  If ou want your grill to last you gotta clean it as soon as possible.

There you go.  Happy Grilling!




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