Miracle Fruit Taste Testing

admin, January 12, 2014



The miracle fruit is a small fruit that, when eaten causes your taste buds to change. When you eat sour foods, they will taste sweet for up to an hour after eating the miricle fruit. Nope, we didn’t believe it either, until we tried it. :-)

We tried it on green mango, coffee, chicharon (fried pork rind), ampalaya (bitter gourd), a lemon, green chili and siling labuyo (red chili peppers) and vinegar.

It didn’t have any effect on the coffee, chicharon, ampalaya and the chili peppers.

It worked well with the green mango. It was incredible with the lemon. It was as if you were eating lemonade.  We just wished we had more lemons!  And incredibly as well, vinegar tasted sweet.  Ha ha ha.  For several decades, vinegar companies have placed TV ads featuring people with contorted faces after taking a spoonful of their product.  during the test, we ENJOYED tasting spoonfuls of the vinegar.

Pinoycookery and Friends

Thanks to Tyrone, Ynah, Mark, Alex and Jembo for taking part in this wacky yet satisfying experiment!

Hey, in the world of food, it’s great to know there are things out there that give us a new, enjoyable and pleasantly surprising experience.





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