Leftovers: Roast chicken open faced sandwich

admin, January 29, 2014


A friend suggested we create a series on making meals based on leftovers or unplanned bits of ingredients.  So this isn’t something that has a recipe per se and we may use all or some of the ingredients.  We’ll just show you what the leftovers are and the steps we take in creating the finished product.  We hope this gives you guys ideas on what to do with your own leftovers and bits of food available.

The leftovers / Ingredients


Waking up to breakfast one day, I see the following on the table:

  • A loaf of sliced bread (Usual breakfast fare)
  • Lettuce leaves (Leftover from last night’s salad – I need to use it before it wilts)
  • Some slices of meatloaf (You can add this if you want but in this case it’s not used)
  • A couple of sunny side up eggs (newly cooked – this is breakfast after all)
  • Leftover roast chicken (Lechon manok – in the tray on the right)
  • Leftover sisig – just below the roast chicken (Nope, don’t wanna use that)
  • Cheese spread (or slices of cheese if you have it)
  • Salad dressing, olive oil or mayo (to use as a dressing for the lettuce)
  • Ketchup

So I decided to make a sandwich.




Step 1: Toast the bread.  You can do it in a toaster if you have one, or in a pan like the picture above.  Toast one slice if you want an open faced sandwich, two slices for a sandwich.



Step 2: Place the bread on a plate





Step 3: Spread some cheesespread on the bread, or place slices of cheese on it)

20140124_greens     20140124_cutSalad

Step 4: Cut the lettuce into thin strips and toss it with the salad dressing (or mayo or olive oil)


Step 5: Place the salad greens on the bread


Step 6: Slice the chicken and place the slices on top of the salad greens.




Step 7: Place the egg on top of the chicken.


Step 8: Put ketchup on the egg.  You can already eat it as an open faced sandwich with a fork and knife, or proceed to step 9.



  Step 9: Place another slice of toasted bread on top to complete the sandwich



Step 10: Eat and enjoy!  I wanted to get a shot of the sandwich with just one large bite out of it, but ha ha, I guess I got carried away.




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