Leftovers: Fried chicken and bacon salad

admin, February 3, 2014

Leftovers again!  We have leftover cauliflower and mixed veggies and fried chicken from last night and bacon from this morning.  It looks like the making of a simple leftover salad.  All we need to provide is a few lettuce leaves and maybe a bit of sliced carrots, cucumber and tomatoes.

The point of this is, yes you can reduce your rice consumption (for all those tho want to cut down on carbs a bit).  Normally you’d eat the leftover veggies, chicken and bacon with rice.  But remove the rice and add in lettuce, and optionally the carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes and you’ve got a still yummy meal without the rice carbs.  Ha ha, of course it’s yummy – it’s got bacon!

Of course you will most likely not have these exact ingredients as leftovers, but use this a a guideline.  The simple formula is: If you have some leftover meat (like the bacon or chicken) you can make a salad out of it by adding – a few lettuce leaves, sliced carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Just another example of how you can get yourself used to eating veggies / salads.  Then as you progress, you can work on replacing the fried chicken and bacon with roast or boiled chicken or tuna or some other healthier alternative.









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