How to get your kids to eat lunch

admin, March 9, 2014

Getting kids to eat lunch is a problem.  They’re picky about their food.  Sometimes you can’t understand what their tastes are and they usually don’t like those things that are good for them.

A few weeks ago Ynah, our favorite baker girl showed us a lunchbox made by her aunt for her.  No, Ynah is not in grade school anymore: she’s in her twenties but she just has a cool aunt!   P.S. Checkout Ynah’s cool baking at

2014-02-18 08.57.15

So who wouldn’t want to have something like this for lunch.  In the upper left part are scrambled eggs with nori (the seaweed used in sushi) in between.  Below that is an apple cut in alternate squares, a piece of broccoli (Aha!  See if you can insert that in a kid’s lunch!)  and rice shaped like Hello Kitty!, all on a lettuce leaf.

On the right we have quail eggs stuck on a lemon slice, some chicken nuggets and below that some corn and a couple vienna sausages.

Nothing fancy about the ingredients.  We’ve all had parts of these for lunch at one time or another in the past but never in a presentation as good as this.

We hope this will give the parents out there some ideas about making their kids lunches more appealing so that they’ll want to eat more and healthier.   We were talking about bonding recipes in a previous post.  This is something sure to increase your bond with your kids, that’s for sure!   Hey, Pinoy cooking is family cooking!




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