Epic Fail: Inihaw na Liempo with Crispy skin

admin, December 24, 2013

(Epic Fail: Roast pork with crispy skin)

Ahahahaha!  One of the fun things we do here is fail!  We’re not a cutesy recipe site with prim and proper pictures and grammatically correct (though bland) text.  We like to test everything out and show you the good and in this case the bad results :D so we can all learn together.

We tried to do a variation of the fried pork with crispy skin we did a while back.  This time we wanted to do a grilled version of it.  The idea is to grill the pork in the usual way then clip a few of them together with bamboo skewers and then grill the skin side some more until it gets crispy.

Step 1: Prepare the meat

And right off the bat we were doomed!  The marinade used contains soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup, sugar, garlic, etc. etc.  We’ve used this a lot and it works fine if you’re just grilling the pork in the regular way.  When we tried to crisp the skin, the sweet components (sugar & ketchup) actually prevented the skin from crisping and they burned (as you will see in the pics below).

Step 2: Prepare the Grill

As you can see we’re using one of the traditional grill forms in the country – the used aluminum frying pan grill.  Lightweight, very sturdy, has it’s own handle and the freaking thing does not rust!

Step 3: Grill the pork

Looking good right there.


Step 4: Prep the cooked pork for crisping

If you look at the first picture, the cooked pork already looks good but the skin does have that soft rubbery texture – not good for eating.  Then we skewer the pork with bamboo sticks the same way we did in the fried pork with crispy skin blog post we did.

Step 5: Grill the pork skin side down

See all that smoke.  That means something’s burning!  Ha ha

Step 6: ENJOY! (The learning experience)

Of course we did a taste test.  The burned parts were yucky and were still rubbery in texture.  The rest of the meat was fine with the burned parts cut off.

And there you go.  Don’t worry dear readers.  for you, we’ll keep trying until we get this right! :D




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