Chocolate Sugar With Suman

admin, January 19, 2014



This is based on a previous PinoyCookery article on chocolate flavored sugar  We tried it with suman, a local rice based dessert.


Just sprinkle the sugar on the suman and you’re good to go.


Suman is usually consumed this way, with a sprinkling of sugar.  And I remember my grandmother liking eating suman with a cup of hot chocolate.  Personally I’m not sure about the chocolate flavor though.  Some people may like it and some may not.  I’m still not decided.  I think it’s okay but it doesn’t really give an added “zing” to the suman eating experience.

Anyway, that’s another mission for us in Pinoycookery.  We will be making a lot more flavored sugars in the future and we’ll try to find other flavor matches for suman then.




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