Epic Fail: Inihaw na Liempo with Crispy skin


(Epic Fail: Roast pork with crispy skin) Ahahahaha!  One of the fun things we [...]

Fried Pork Liempo with Crispy Skin (Rated: **nyeta ang sarap!)


    Because of the previous article “Yes, fried pork liempo can help you [...]

Ginisang pechay with yellow fin

Digital Camera

    (Sauteed Pechay with yellowfin)  This is another recipe in our fish and [...]

Ginisang Sayote and Pritong Bisugo


(Sauteed Sayote and Fried Bisugo) This is the third of our fish and veg [...]

Yes, fried pork liempo can help you start losing weight


    WTF?  Fried pork liempo?  Are you serious?  YES I am, so read [...]

Selecting a barbecue grill


    Barbecue has a different meaning locally versus the meaning in other countries.  [...]

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